5 Powerful Website Visitor Tracking Softwares

December 20, 2018

In the eCommerce world it is essential to be able to track how many visitors your site gets and see what they do. This information can guide site redesign, inform interaction with potential leads and show whether or not your site optimization efforts are working. While Google Analytics has been and continues to be one […]

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Rise Of Robot Reporters: When Software Writes The News

November 20, 2018

Just three minutes after an earthquake hit California on Monday, the Los Angeles Times broke the story on its website. The short article seemed fairly ordinary. It covered all the major details – when the quake hit, its magnitude and how far it spread. The only sign of anything unusual was the final sentence: “This […]

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Why Software Is Eating The World

October 20, 2018

This week, Hewlett-Packard (where I am on the board) announced that it is exploring jettisoning its struggling PC business in favor of investing more heavily in software, where it sees better potential for growth. Meanwhile, Google plans to buy up the cellphone handset maker Motorola Mobility. Both moves surprised the tech world. But both moves […]

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